Thematic Design

Thematic Design is about:

Design for change

Design in relation to other designers;
past, present and future

Sharing form themes among designers

Participate in an international exchange on designs, thoughts, observations and theories.
Give your comments, show your work.
Upload it yourself; no screening.

Recent Posts

Open Building Experience 2.: “Lunetten 4D”, Utrecht, the Netherlands, 1981-82

This Open Building project has been built in the center area of ‘Lunetten’, a new district in the south-west of the city of Utrecht, the Netherlands. It includes 262 dwellings, 173 rooms and 360m2 office space. The urban tissue of the project was a follow up of the ‘Molenvliet’ tissue model in Papendrecht: a high density low-rise fabric around front and back courtyards. But Here in Utrecht the model has been applied in new way: not on one area, but on different locations, mixed with other projects: a shopping center, a community center, a school and a housing center for elderly. Access galleries of the last link directly with our housing blocs B and C so that elevators of the elderly can be used by disabled occupants of our project. Different architects worked together to realize this urban fabric.

TILA open building project in Helsinki

The Tila housing block, comprising 39 loft apartments, is a pilot project for neo-loft apartments in Helsinki, Arabianranta. The concept is based on an open construction system: within the available building frame the resident determines and builds the required subdivisions. The flats are occupiable at the moment of purchase, but become completely habitable with the installation of kitchen furniture. The residents can build individual rooms or expand their flat with gallery-type spaces, because the height of the main space is five metres.


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