Seven categories must help the visitor to find his/her way in the available information. They are:


Any design proposal that uses or demonstrates a thematic approach can be submitted under this heading. For instance:

 Thematic designs on a same level.

*A design that is the result of several designers who have subdivided their tasks to achieve a coherent single result.

*A number of variations on a particular theme done by different designers.

*A number of variations on a theme done by a same designer.

Thematic design on different levels.

*The design of a ‘base building’ which offers separate fit-out designs to be done by others.which also illustrates the capacity of the base building to hold a range of possible fit-out solutions which range is illustrated by the designer.

*The design of a ‘base building” inFicluding a number fit-out designs done by other designers.

*An urban design with the capacity to hold lower level architectural designs where the relations between higher and lower level design can vary    as suggested above for the relations between base building and fit-out design.

And so on…


DesignPlays are introduced in the book “Conversations with Form, a workbook for students of architecture”, (Habraken, Mignucci, Teicher, Routledge, London 2014). They are exercises in making architectural form.

The book suggests seven DesignPlays but the format allows plays on additional subjects as well that we hope will also appear on this website.


Any documentation of real world work done which demonstrates thematic design in practice.


Ways of designing, followed, agreed upon, or proposed to do thematic design. Relations among designers as indicated under the category ‘design’ call for shared ways of designing. Method arises when designing is to be related or shared.


Any theory or reflection about thematic relations in the built environment or between designers.

This Site

Any proposal, comment, opinion or information about the way the site is composed and the functionalities it offers or could offer is welcome.


Intended for posts that make available a base form for a play which is discussed or proposed elsewhere. In particular base forms given in a SketchUp file that can be downloaded to begin a play with.