Bart Reuser is partner of Amsterdam-based NEXT architects. In the book Seoulutions he presents a temporary record of the continuous transformation of the Hongdae district in Seoul, a creative hotspot with a young and diverse population.

While the booklet is a search for the driving forces behind unique urban solutions, it also pays tribute to a dynamic city. Reuser experiences the city from the inside and analyses its organisation, not to mention the ongoing process of change occurring within Hongdae, both on a spatial and programmatic level. Through numerous drawings, photos, local insight and entrepreneurial spirit, he outlines the fascinating lessons that can be learned.

As Reuser describes: “To visit Hongdae is great, but to come back is even better. Only the person who comes back to Hongdae sees the speed in which this district transforms and is witness of the special relation it has with something as intangible as time. That became my fascination. Not the city itself, but the changes it goes through.”

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