SYDHAVNEN / SLUSEHOLMEN COPENHAGEN, harbour renovation project 2000-2009

Sydhavnen is the southern harbour district of Copenhagen, located south of the historic city. With Java Island in Amsterdam as an example, Sjoerd Soeters was asked by the Municipality of Copenhagen to make a plan for the transformation of Sydhavnen into a residential area. This plan consists entirely of city blocks, situated so as to be oriented toward the water on all sides. In order to achieve this, kilometres of canal were added to the area. The size of the blocks in Sydhavnen are based on the dimensions of the large city blocks in the centre of Copenhagen. The twists and curves of the canals create constantly changing spatial effects and sight lines.

Sluseholmen is the first application of the Sydhavnen plan. The island is characterised by a panoramic view of the surrounding water and a more intimate inner side. The inner area is formed by a curved main canal and several short lateral canals. Each city block is a single structure that contains a variety of dwelling types. The facades, however, were worked out by different Danish architects, supearvised by Sjoerd Soeters. Architectural guidelines were set for materials, colours, spatial effects and building height, to ensure that each city block remained coherent and fitted in with the greater ensemble.

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