Open Building Experience 2.: “Lunetten 4D”, Utrecht, the Netherlands, 1981-82

This Open Building project has been built in the center area of ‘Lunetten’, a new district in the south-west of the city of Utrecht, the Netherlands. It includes 262 dwellings, 173 rooms and 360m2 office space. The urban tissue of the project was a follow up of the ‘Molenvliet’ tissue model in Papendrecht: a high density low-rise fabric around front and back courtyards. But Here in Utrecht the model has been applied in new way: not on one area, but on different locations, mixed with other projects: a shopping center, a community center, a school and a housing center for elderly. Access galleries of the last link directly with our housing blocs B and C so that elevators of the elderly can be used by disabled occupants of our project. Different architects worked together to realize this urban fabric.