KAIVOMÄKI Housing for the Elderly

Kaivomäki is situated in the Leppävaara district of Espoo. It is a combination of
sheltered elderly housing and independent small rental units for senior citizens.
In sheltered elderly housing each occupant has a spacious room with bathroom.
Kitchen, dining and living room are common and personnel are present 24/7. The
building is adaptable so that each floor can be either elderly housing or independent
units and changed to the other with renovation. Out of three elderly rooms two
independent units can be made. The spatial structure allows the change also during
use, but ventilation systems were not designed for the change. However, during
design we had to change some floors from one to the other since there was more
demand for independent units. This kind of combined house is new and brings the
benefit that the personnel can also offer services for the senior citizens should they
need them. The project was awarded for the use of color in the facades. (The floor
plan below is with the independent units).